Medical Tourism Services & Operations Flow

Our Services :

  • Free Doctor Appointment and Hospital Admission for Inpatient Client;
  • Doctor Consultation and select Hospital based on genuine ranking in free;
  • Getting free opinion from doctors for treatment costs and plan;
  • Helping patients to get their appointment, per-surgery tests, surgery day assistant in free;
  • Free Pick up from Airport / Railway Station or Bus Counter ( Only for Inpatient Client) to Hospital or Hotel as per Patient request;
  • Free Medical Invitation from nominated Hospitals for Inpatient Client is free. But outpatient Medical Invitation is chargeable of BDT 500 ( 50% Discount from normal rate);
  • We can arrange Air or Road Ambulance support but it will chargeable at actual cost.
  • Our dedicated staffs are supervise and monitor with inpatient take care and regular follow up support ( Only for surgery, Liver Transplant, Kidney or Heart Operations etc serious type of treatment );
  • Medical VISA Support, Hotel Accommodation, Air Ticket Issue, Domestic Train Ticket, Guest Support etc.

Work Flow of Medical Tourism Services :

A To Z Holiday & Medicare will support and co-operate any Clients to all sorts of Medical Tourism Services for their overseas Treatment, Doctor Opinion, Hospital Admission, Legal Documentation support, VISA Invitation and VISA Support, Monitoring and Supervision, Air Ticket, Hotel Accommodation etc.

Medical Tourism Operation Flow :

The following work flow will be performed with the Medical Tourism Services for  Clients :

  1. Client can inform us  by Email or Inform over Phone for details of Treatment related issue.
  2. Client will forward the email with cardholder details to A To Z Medicare Center by Email :
  3. After getting the Information through Client, A To Z Medicare will communicate to the Client and ask to provide all updated Medical Reports and their actual requirement for treatment.
  4. A To Z Medicare team do their necessary work and send Patient Treatment issue, Medical Case History, Patient current situation and like to know the financial condition of the family and what they actually want to do for treatment along with Patient updated all Medical Reports.
  5. Our main Principal will find out the Best Doctor with Hospital Combination with the study and analysis of Medical Reports, Case Study and Patient Financial Conditions.
  6. Our Main Principal or Direct Hospitals will directly discuss with the specialized Doctor with the treatment issue and better and accurate solution with utmost care and best possible treatment
  7. Our Main Principal will provide us the 3 to 4 various Hospitals Treatment Plans to us and their recommendations. We will send these to the Patient by email and Contact over phone. Also discuss with details to the Patient or their Guardian.
  8. After getting Client confirmation, we will arrange to get VISA Invitation Letter from the Hospitals where Patient wants to treatment finally through our Principal.
  9. After getting Medical VISA from Embassy in Dhaka, we can arrange Air Ticket, Bus Ticket or Train Ticket for Patient, attendant or their family members. For Air Ticket we inform to Airlines for Wheelchair / stretcher for Patient if require.
  10. If required, we can arrange for Air Ambulance from Dhaka to Hospital Destinations with additional cost.
  11. Hospital Authority will receive the Patient and their attendant in the Airport or Railway station along with our Principal Representative.
  12. We will arrange Ambulance to receive stretch up to the Patient or Wheelchair in the Airport on arrival and provide Local SIM card to the Patient to communicate to their relative.
  13. We do the doctor appointment and medical investigations with priority basis.
  14. We aim to provide you food as per your local country. Moreover we monitor during the treatment progress and update to A To Z Medicare time to time.
  15. We arrange for Local Accommodation during rehabilitation. We can also make shopping or local sightseeing activities to Patient or their family members. Finally we drop the Patient to Airport to back Home in safe.