Air Ambulance to Thailand

Due to COVID 19, we requedt to do TARMAC TRANSFER ONLY ( in Dhaka)*

* Due to COVID 19 Outbreak, we kindly request Medical Report + Patient’s Non Covid Lab Resut (72hrs before flight only) + Companion’s Non Covid Lab Result (72hrs before flight only) (if any companion) upon Flight booking *

* Luggage Allowance => Allow 2 x standard luggage, 2 x carry-on baggage, Total MUST NOT EXCEED 60 kgs *

* Just in case if the flight is confirmed, please provide us below details in order to apply for Landing Permit *

– Diagnosis and Medical Report in English version (MUST)
– Name of Hospital at origin?
– Room no, Ward, Building?
– Treating doctor’s name + contact no?
– Name of Receiving Hospital??
– Treating doctor’s name + contact no?

– Please advise the patient/ companion (s)’ nutrition Inflight, so our team will prepare in advance
– Gluten Free?
– Vegeterian?
– Halal?

please provide following documents:

– Patient’s copy of passport
– Patient’s Thailand visa
– Patient’s non Covid lab result (72 hrs before departure only)
– Patient’s medical Report + Treating Doctor’s signature + Hospital stamp
Fit to Fly Letter from hospital at origin
– Copy of Medical insurance minimum USD 100,000-.

– Companion’s copy of passport
Companion’s Thailand visa
– Companion’s non Covid lab result (72hrs before departure only)
– Copy of Companion’s insurance minimum USD 100,000-.

– Confirmation Letter from Receiving Hospital + mention about 10 Days quarantine

– Approval Letter from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Thailand (COE – Certificate Of Entry) must go contact The embassy to obtain COE