Teleconsultation with experienced practitioners

A TO Z Holiday & Medicare and Treatment Traveller jointly do this Project for Bangladeshi Patients. At Treatment Traveller, we are here to help you reach out to the best in healthcare. Providing an ideal platform which comprises of doctors, healthcare specialists and communication professionals. Thereby, aiding the search of patients towards receiving treatment in the prestigious hospitals in India.

What is teleconsultation?
Teleconsultation, sometimes referred to as remote consultation or telehealth, refers to interactions that happen between a clinician and a patient for the purpose of providing diagnostic or therapeutic advice through electronic means.

Teleconsultations: an essential tool for use during a pandemic. In situations where a pandemic is declared, the feelings of anxiety and uncertainty can
overwhelm people, and health systems can struggle to cope with an uncontrolled and exponential demand. Without appropriate planning and mitigation measures, health services can be exposed to the risk of collapse caused by an inundation of queries that could be serviced by virtual means. Health facilities may become overwhelmed and have insufficient capacity to provide adequate treatment to those most in need of care. Teleconsultations are a safe and
effective way to assess suspected cases and guide the patient’s diagnosis and treatment, minimizing the risk of disease transmission. These teleconsultations enable many of the key clinical services to continue to operate regularly and uninterrupted, both in preparation for and in the course of a public health emergency.

When could I do teleconsultations?
Teleconsultations are a useful approach for triaging patients and reducing unnecessary visits to emergency departments. Scheduled teleconsultations allow the evaluation, monitoring, and follow-up of outpatients who do not require face-to-face assessment. However, according to the technological infrastructure available, there might still be services that cannot be replaced by telepresence, so it is important to determine when telepresence is an option and when is

How does teleconsultation work?

Wherever you are and at any time, you benefit from confidential video consultations with experienced practitioners specialized in many medical fields: general medicine, dermatology, cardiology, psychiatry or speech therapy. In just a few clicks, you can receive answers to questions about your health, medical advice or an opinion or diagnosis. All practitioners are qualified, experienced, and trained to provide remote consultations. They strictly comply with the ethical and professional standards governing their practice. They are entitled to deliver international prescriptions and medical certificates, in accordance with local legislation. Thanks to an international network covering all time zones, you can easily schedule your consultations when it suits you, regardless of your geographical location.

Why it is Easy for Bangladeshi Patient :

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