UAE Residency Program


What if we told you that you can keep what you earn? What if we told you that your medical bills will be at a cost that is nominal? What if we told you that you can be part of a community that has grown exponentially in the past few years with projection that it will supersede most western cities by the year 2025?

UAE brings all those opportunities to you.

The Gulf countries were unattainable in the past for Bangladeshis. With well-placed contracts with government agencies we are the first in Bangladesh to bring you residency program in UAE.

It’s not all gold and glory though- living or establishing own business in the Gulf countries is an excellent opportunity for interested candidates. There are lots of different activities to choose from, and have to be accredited by the government as well. However, it does lead to residency facility not only for you but also for your family.

Funnily enough however, UAE is not as expensive as we thought compared to Dhaka of course. As a residency holder, you get bank loans at an interest rate which is astronomically low compared to Bangladesh.

It’s extremely hard to get a single digit loan interest rate in Bangladesh-that too would be in the upper quadrant of a single digit. However, within UAE your loan rates are no more than 3% – 4%. What is baffling is that food prices and the rest immensely cheaper and you at least get quality that you would want for the price that you pay- which might be absent in many places.

Not to mention no import tax, you get to sponsor your parents and get lease from the government on lands- UAE holds up his end of the bargain.

Education too is rather enlightening. In Bangladesh to get into a good school, there’s a waiting list and quite frankly a service fee that’s exaggerated when put against what you get for the same cost anywhere else in the world. For your children, an English medium school would cost 40% cheaper.

UAE offers a better solution to 5 basic needs at a far better price. If you’re looking for a country where you would not be judged for practicing your beliefs, UAE is one of the best alternatives to Western countries. We bring you UAE residency program. Why wait?

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Dubai 2 Years Renewable Residency 🤝

Open Residency : 18,000 AED ( Main Person)
Spouse : 9,500 AED
Child : 9,500 AED (male, female both are same price and age below 25)

Facilities :

👉 Work Permit
👉 Business facilities
👉 Open a bank account.
👉 Apply for a driving license.
👉 Access financial facilities.
👉 Access government health services
👉 Register his/her children in government schools and in private schools.
👉 Work and invest.
👉 Land properties buying and selling