Indian Medical VISA

Medical (MED) & Medical attendant (MED X) Visa

Indian Missions/Posts issues Medical Visa (MED) valid for 1 year or period of treatment whichever is less to foreign national visiting India for Medical treatment in reputed/Specialized /Recognized hospitals/treatment centers in India.


Applicant must possess the recommendations or reference to go for specialized treatment on the basis of Preliminary medical checkup and treatment from the Medical experts of origin/residence country.
The treatment should be significant in nature, such as neurosurgery, heart surgery, organ transplant, joint replacement, gene therapy, and plastic surgery.
Up to two Medical Attendant visas will be issued for people to accompany the patient Attendants/family members of patient, who are coming to India for Medical treatment, shall be granted Medical Attendant visa (MED X) co-terminus with medical Visa of the patient.
Attendants should be spouse/ children or those having blood relations with the patient. Not more than two attendants may be allowed.


Initial duration of the visa is one year or the period of treatment, whichever is less. Visa will be valid for maximum three entries in a year.

Entry Points:

Passengers having valid medical visa can enter India from any desired port of immigration check post (Airport, Seaport).


The visitors are required to fill online visa Application by visiting website and visit their nearest embassy with printout of the online filled application and required travel documents.

Repeat Visit:

Maximum three entries are allowed in one year.

Required Documents:

– Passport with 6 month validity
– Passport size photographs
– Photo copy of passport
– Copy of online Filled form
– Proof of Residential Address
– Recommendation from home country doctor to visit particular specialized medical center for treatment
– Passport copy of attendant
– Proof of relationship with attendant
– Medical reports
– Doctor Invitation Letter